Plant Reality Set

Yuning Chen is a biodesigner and researcher passionate about more-than-human interfaces and bioethics via the lens of posthumanism and design fiction. With a background in Design Engineering and environmental science, she is interested in designing artefacts and interfaces that mediate new dialogues and relationships between humans and nature. She graduated from Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London and is currently a biodesign PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Her works have been widely exhibited and recognised internationally by prominent organisations, such as STARTS, Lumen Award, Falling Walls Festivals and London Design Biennale.

Plant reality set is a set of wearables that enables you to experience and interact with air, light and soil from a plant’s perspective. Rooted in one place, you can experience the reality of a plant as you feel the tactile signal flow in its cells induced by a gentle breeze; as you taste the diverse light spectrums when they feed to the photosynthesis of a leaf; as you listen to the far away underground water sound that guides the movement of a root. Use your hand, your body and your feet to follow the tip of a branch, the vein in a leaf, the maze of the root, and explore a dramatic plant reality in a seemingly static place.

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