Bai Liu (English name: Boyce Liu), an interdisciplinary artist and writer from China, is currently studying at the University of Southampton, UK. He is the winner of the 2022 3x3 Illustration Award, one of the artists invited to participate in DEMO (DESIGN IN MOTION) FESTIVAL 2022... He has been interviewed and introduced by “Al-Tiba9”, “Aesthetica”, “It's Nice That”, “Vigour” and other authoritative media & magazines.

This experimental illustration film broke the traditional illustration form. Starting from the Chinese character "馍 (MO)", focusing on the phenomenon in Chinese folk culture that a person needs to eat "steamed bread (MO)" during his life experience of important things such as marriage, funeral, childbirth, etc., the reciprocating cycle and infinite entanglement between the Chinese character "馍", "生 (life)" and "死 (death)" were presented in the film. The story part of the video is actually composed of 81 illustrations, which also symbolizes the 81 difficult situations that people in Chinese culture need to experience and solve in their lives.

Power in Numbers






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