Metropoli Dei Pesci

Graduated from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO, Italy in Painting and Visual Arts.Independent curator.In the creation of multi-media artist Huang Xiaoqiong, through constant self-examination and thinking and exploration of the external world, her topics of creation gradually shifts from the narrative content of personal experience to the discussion and analysis of urban social phenomena and urban people's psychology.Based on the observation and thinking of daily life, the elements of works often have human beings as cultivate ornamental animals, and express the cognition that everyone’s worldview is multi-faceted with anthropomorphization.She hopes to mix artistic concepts into all aspects of life from different angles. The works contain some ridicule of local culture, and also humorously reflect the attitude of contemporary youth towards life.I thought more after my long lasting creation of KOI fish, and the change of social roles at the same time. Why am I me?As a KOI fish, is it destined to be an "ornamental animal" and cannot be returned to nature? In ancient times, KOI fish was a symbol of auspicious omens. People would cheer for auspiciousness. But what was KOI fish thinking as auspicious itself?

Cities are expanding, and the skills and culture of primitive traditions are disappearing gradually. Therefore,I combined the traditional KOI painting method with images whose perception is broken by strong saturation,considering the relationship between urban people and nature, innovation and tradition.

Power in Numbers

Xiaoqiong Huang





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