Cyber Shangshui 错位山水

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Power in Numbers

Jimmz Zhang
co-founder of Digital FUN studio & design director, a community member of ACM SIGGRAPH, co-founder of Vancouver TouchDesigner study group, and the principal of Notch Chinese Individual community.He participated in various projects related to car launch events that included real-time visual arts, lighting installation design, and interactive art projection. He has participated in the stage art and visual design of film <Upcoming Future>, and branding events such as Baidu, Xiaomi, Bilibili, Lululemon, etc. He has participated in international projects such as the design of SIGGRAPH VR Theater’s immersive experience in 2018 and 2019, as well as the Arts Club stage visual effects in Vancouver. In the past few years, he worked as a visual artist for experimental interactive audio-visual performances. To combine visual expressiveness, with audio, space, devices, and other new media elements, his artworks aim to create a stunning immersive Synesthesia experience. He has performed live audio-visual shows at the Flare International New Media Art Festival in 2019, 2020, and 2021. He participated in the XR audio-visual performances of Modern Sky record sub-label SoundBlanc in 2020. As a crypto artist, his NFT artworks and voxel space have been exhibited in the 1st Annual Metaverse art @Venice, Digital Twin-Virtual Parallel exhibition @Voxel in 2022.

EAU(Yi Wang)
Music Creator,Musician, from Lanzhou, China. He was a postgraduate from Music Actual, MAO, Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de chalon in 2016. With the name EAU, based in Shanghai currently. EAU’s sound works intend to express a calm emotion in stereo construction with multiple dimensions. In French, EAU means water,Which is while reflected in his music ,it feels like time floating and thoughts drifting. EAU is focusing on music actual and electroacoustic, by using sound as a method, He has been making music and cross-media projects. He designs sound and composes music for artist DABEIYUZHOU and XFF art group, also work with TEA Touch Designer community and Atomic Visual Studio as cooperative musician. Now EAU is preparing his brand new conceptual music project「SHANG XIA」, coming out.






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